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FolderSync is a folder pair synchronization program, so you can have the latest changes of the files in both folders, matching them with the name and comparing file sizes and modified dates.

It mainly targets to 2 scenarios:
  1. sync 2 folders on the same machine, just select 2 folder and begin to sync
  2. sync 2 folder on 2 different machines without network connection
    1. first, copy(first time)/sync files on computer A to portable device, e.g. a Flash disk or a movable hard disk.
    2. then, bring portable device to computer B, and sync from portable device to computer B so, you do not need to copy complete folder on computer A (newer), overwrite folder on portable device, then copy complete folder to computer B. Because if folder is very large and you need to update frequently and your USB port is not 2.0, it will cost a long time to complete a sync
  3. sync according to existing file list. This is to solve a problem in scenario 2. Although you do not need to copy a complete folder every time now, but the folder on portable device will get bigger and bigger, and you can not store other things. So, just delete the folder in USB driver, get an existing file list of the folder you need to sync in computer B (outdated), the store it to USB driver, in computer A, using this list to sync computer and USB drive, and only files that does not on computer B will be copied to USB drive according to directory structure. Then ,you can sync USB drive and computer B

Version 2.0 is under development and the 2.0 beta 2 have been released, of what it will be a complete rewrite from scratch, and it will include navigation in folders comparison of modified dates and file size, tight integration with the Windows Shell API (Context menus, copying files, file icons), and a more polished User Interface resembling that of Visual Studio 2005 "Copy Website" Tool.

Version 2.0 beta screenshot:

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